Dypsis mocquerysiana
Dypsis mocquerysiana habitat photos.

Above are habitat photos of Dypsis mocquerysiana, there seems to be quite a bit of a difference in this form and the form we have here even in the inflorescence!

In my opinion looking at these habitat photos of Dypsis mocquerysiana and what we have here listed below as Dypsis mocquerysiana are in fact two simular yet different species, especially when you have a close look at the difference between the inflorescences on these two species. The species above being the true species and the species listed below "possibly" something different.?

Dypsis mocquerysiana inflorescence.

Dypsis mocquerysiana

A lovely Clumping species which will form divided leaves once mature, as a juvenile this species has entire leaves and can be single stem but with age they will soon start to clump and the leaves will split once or twice, the new leaf can be quite red, it’s a small growing species only growing to about 1.5m tall and form a very attractive clump with bright red fruit born from the flower spikes. They grow very well in the subtropics and seem to take the cold as well, but do best in a protected area in a shaded spot, as seedlings this species is very hard to tell apart from D.louvellii and Dypsis angustifolia so be sure to keep this species separated or it can take many years to reseparate them if mixed together. Makes a great indoor potted plant or a very attractive understory-landscaping palm.

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