Dypsis robusta
Dypsis robusta crownshaft.
Below is a young dypsis robusta seedling.

Dypsis robusta

A large solitary growing species with a deep maroon crownshaft, this species can look very similar to Dypsis prestoniana except that the leaf arrangement of prestoniana is grouped and not regular pinnate.

In the subtropics this species takes about 12 to 15 years to form a trunk, it will take full sun from quite an early age and seems to grow it’s best in the ground in a well mulched garden, having said that this species seems to be quite tough and handle the cold and dry hard soils just as well only growing a little slower. Once this species does form a trunk it then becomes quite a steady grower and is a very spectacular landscaping palm with huge upright leaves to 4 to 5m long.

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