Dypsis scottiana
Picture showing the Black bamboo like stems.
Habitat photos of Dypsis scottiana by Phil Arrowsmith.
Dypsis scottiana habitat photo.
Dypsis scottiana ripe seeds
Dypsis scottiana a different leaf form.

Dypsis scottiana, the above photo showing the Black Bamboo like stems.

Dypsis scottiana is a very easy species to grow with lovely black bamboo like stems, it tolerates the cold very well and has quite thick fine leaves, these will grow to just over 3 to 4m tall and take full sun or shade, it would also make a great potted palm for indoor use. These come from the bottom part of Madagascar (south eastern corner) and are growing in sandy loam soils but they seem to tolerate most soil types and handle quite dry conditions very well, this palm needs little attention once established and seems to be quite drought tolerant.

A stunning palm for any garden likes a well-mulched garden bed and should be planted in a prominent area to appreciate the true beauty of this Madagascan palm. Temps, 2C to 40C.

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