Dypsis sp hovitrendrina or highland redneck
Habitat photo above.

Dypsis sp hovitrendrina or highland redneck seedlings

Dypsis sp hovitrendrina

This species starts out looking just like a Dypsis lastelliana seedling, in fact it would be very hard to tell these two species apart "as seedlings" if they were ever mixed together, once they are a little older this species Dypsis sp "hovitrendrina" soon starts to produce lots of white tomentum on it's petioles so you then can tell it apart from the true D.lastelliana, it is some times called the “mealy bug palm” because of this white tomentum on the petioles. Like many of these dypsis they are constantly changing from a seedling thru to a mature Palms, in their habitat they.."Do not" come from high elevation but from "about" 300 to 400m above sea level, Dypsis lastelliana can be found growing in this same area, so they are not a fast growing species in the subtropics but don’t seem to mind our cold winters at all with temps down to 2C. They like a well-mulched garden bed and seem to handle it quite dry with little to no watering but will grow much faster if they are well looked after.
The name these have now been called by the collectors is Dypsis sp hovitrendrina; this is not a described species!!

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