Dypsis sp thiryana
Dypsis sp thiryana showing the inflorescences, the Rachilla on this form can
measure up 14.5 cm long which is a little longer than the normal thiryana!

Dypsis sp thiryana seedling

This is another form of Dypsis sp thiryana from a different locality that looks a little similar to Dypsis trapezoidea but clumping also note the inflorescences, but from what I have read it’s still a form of Dypsis thiryana.

 This one seems to have very fine leaves, and even the young seedlings look different to the normal form. We have seedlings available of this form as well.



Dypsis thiryana.

From the photos it seems like only the younger plants seem to be regular pinnate and as they mature they start to group there leaflets with small intervals/spacing between these grouped leaflets, this is a lovely little dypsis that is quite easy to grow and grows well in the subtropics.

Here are a few photos of one form, which I think to be the one described in palms of Madagascar.

Note the difference in the two seedling forms from the photo above and this one below.

Mature plant of Dypsis thiryana.

We have seedlings available of this form as well.