These are seasonally available plants from approx late November. If you are interested in these varieties be aware that over summer most varieties are available but at other times of the year there may be limited varieties and numbers. Please check availability.

contact us for a currently available list of plants

140mm 190mm 250mm 300mm pots


Heliconia augusta - ORANGE CHRISTMAS

Heliconia laneana formerly H. augusta - RED CHRISTMAS
Heliconia citrina formerly H. augusta - YELLOW CHRISTMAS
Heliconia bihai cv CLAW 1
Heliconia bihai cv CLAW 2
Heliconia bihai cv CLAW 3
Heliconia bihai cv CHOCOLATE DANCER
Heliconia bihai cv MANOA SUNRISE
Heliconia bihai cv MOUNTAIN YELLOW
Heliconia bihai cv NAPPI RED
Heliconia bihai cv NAPPI YELLOW
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv BLACK CHERRY
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv JACQUINII
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv KAWAUCHI
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv KAMAEHAMEHA
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv KAWIKA
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv PURPLE THROAT
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv HOT RIO NIGHTS
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv YELLOW DANCER
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv RICHMOND RED
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN
Heliconia bihai x spathocircinata -CINNAMON TWIST
Heliconia Bourgaeana - HOT PINK
Heliconia caribea - BARBADOS FLAT
Heliconia caribea - BLACK
Heliconia bihai cv - -EMERALD FOREST
Heliconia caribea - FLASH
Heliconia caribea - GOLD
Heliconia caribea - RED
Heliconia bihai x caribea - UTOPIA
Heliconia caribea - WATERMELON
Heliconia champneiana cv MAYA BLOOD
Heliconia champneiana - SPLASH
Heliconia chartacea - SEXY PINK
Heliconia chartacea - SEXY YELLOW
Heliconia collinsiana - COLLINSIANA
Heliconia episcopalism SPEAR
Heliconia frainosa-rio
Heliconia griggsiana ANGRY MOON
Heliconia hirsuta cv DARRELL
Heliconia pogonantha x mariae DINOSAUR
Heliconia latispatha cv ORANGE GYRO
Heliconia lingulata - FLAT FAN
Heliconia mariae BEEF STEAK
Heliconia metallica
Heliconia orthotricha - EDGE OF NITE
Heliconia orthotricha - GARDEN OF EDEN
Heliconia orthotricha - PINK EDEN
Heliconia orthotricha - PINK IMPERIALIS
Heliconia pendula - RED PENDA
Heliconia pendula x h.laneana PAPSIANA
Heliconia penda steyermarkii
Heliconia psittacorum X acuminata - TROPIFLORA
Heliconia psittacorum cv HALLOWEEN
Heliconia rostrata PARROTS BEAK
Heliconia stricta BUCKY
Heliconia stricta DIMPLES
Heliconia stricta DUSTY ROSE
Heliconia stricta JAMACIANA DWARF
Heliconia vaginalis LITTLE CUTIE
Heliconia x Raulinianiana H marginana x bihai
Alpinia purpurata cv Eileen McDonald
Alpinia purpurata RED
Alpinia purpurata cv TAHITIAN GINGER
Alpinia zerumbet . variegatedVARIGATED GINGER
Calathea lutea CUBAN CIGAR
Calathea rattle shaker GOLDEN FLOWER
Costus asplundii
Costus chartaceus
Costus comosus formerly barbatus TOWER GINGER
Costus pictus RED STEMS
Costus Hierogylphica RED STEMS
Costus hybrid productus x varzea
Costus vilosissimus YELLOW BELL
Costus Speciosus variegata cv variegated CREPE GINGER
Costus malortieanus STEPLADDER
Costus guaianensis var tarmices BUDDA'S BELLY
Costus stenophyllus COBRA GINGER
Etlinger elatior PINK TORCH GINGER
Etilinger elatior RED TORCH GINGER
Etilinger elatior WHITE TORCH
Tapeinochilos ananassae BACKSCRATCHER
Tapeinochilos ananassae BACKSCRATCHER VANUATU FORM
Zingiber neglectum
Zingiber officinale EDIBLE GINGER
Zingiber officinale GIANT FORM "JUMBO"
Zingiber zerumbet SHAMPOO GINGER
Zingiber sp RED THAI
Zingiber spectabile BEE HIVE
Zingiber variegata VARIEGATED
Zingiber spectabile GIANT ORANGE
Zingiber spectabileGIANT YELLOW
Zingiber spectabile DWARF ORANGE
Zingiber zerumbet var darcyi variegated
Zingiber collinsiana COLLINSIANA

The above prices lists supersede any previous price lists.

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