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The Palms and Cycad Societies of Australia
The Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia (PACSOA) web-site features technical and non-technical articles of interest to palm and/or cycad enthusiasts.

Nursery Industry Association of Australia
This web site is the result of a project funded by the Australian nursery industry and the Horticultural Research and Development Corporation. The two main Aims of this project are to - ONE - create a world wide web site for the provision of information to the Australian professional nursery industry.- TWO - encourage and facilitate use of the Internet and World Wide Web as amajor information resource within the Australian nursery industry

The Water-Wise Garden
Colourful Water-Wise Gardening is a CDROM guide to growing colourful Drought Tolerant and Low Water Use plants using Organic Gardening practices and Organic Pest Control.

Greengold Garden Concepts
Greengold Internet Gardencentre (tm) an online gardencentre representing the leading 70 plus garden centres in New South Wales, Australian Capital Teritory, Queensland, and Victoria. You can shop and order on line, from the combined resources of Greengold. Learn about the latest plant releases

The Kernxotica Garden
Kernxotica, Exotic Gardening in West Cornwall. A site dedicated to the culture of exotic and unusual garden plants in West Cornwall. Bananas, succulents, palms etc.

Destination Managment
Toursgallery.comWorld wide small group tours to meet botanists, horticulturists and owners of the worlds most beautiful gardens in Japan, China, Alaska, Europe & more.

The Wise Gardener
Palm expert Paul "The Wise Gardener" writes articles that will be your gateway to many wonderful tips on the palm. Read Paul's thoughts about the noble palm and read about a new featured palm each month.

Comprehensive Australia Web Directory

Browse the Australia's business directory of companies, products, services, and resources.

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