Name: -Areca macrocalyx var. Mariei {Id Code}

     Species: -macrocalyx var. Mariei {Price.}
   Description: - This is a red form of Areca macrocalyx from PNG that was introduced into cultivation by Maria Boggs, this species grows best in the tropics and will not tolerate temps below 5C.   
   Growing Climate: -Very attractive will grow in the subtropics but must have a protected area free from cold, dry winds and frost. Grows best in full sun or in a shaded position in a FROST FREE area and seems to handle most soil types but does best in well drained rich soils, watered 2 or 3 times a week with a nice thick mulch to help hold the moisture in the ground, and fertilizer once a year in the warmer months Temps 6c to 40C
This species is from PNG lowlands.