Name: -Caryota ophiopellis
            "The snake skin palm"
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     Species: -ophiopellis {Price.}
   Description: - The colouration on the petiole of this palm is black and white resembling the sea snake that can be seen coming on the beaches and reefs on some of these islands. This photo was taken on Tanna island where this species is growing along side Carpoxylon and Veitchia arecina, (Tanna is one of the only islands in Vanuatu to have no land snakes) This species stands out from quite a distance with this striking pattern and will hold this colour for the life of the palm, this palm only grows to around 30ft, 10m tall and will grow in sun or shade, although it does look at it best in filtered light, so i would recommend for this species to look it's best to grow it in a shaded position in a frost free area and this species seems to handle most soil types but does best in well drained rich soils possibly with a little lime, watered 2 or 3 times a week always use a nice thick mulch to help hold the moisture in the ground, and fertilizer once a year in the warmer months...! A stunning palm for any garden and should be planted in a prominent area to appreciate the true beauty of this palm.   
   Growing Climate: -Likes a rich soil and regular watering grows best in temp 5.C to 35.C but will handle temp down to 2.C Look for this palm well worth a try in any garden.