Name: -DYPSIS Deceipens {Id Code}

     Species: -Palms {Price.}
   Description: -This is a cold hardy species will handle light frosts and temperatures down to -5.C for short periods of time. There also seems to be two forms. First form has a smaller seed to 10mm as a juvenile this form becomes very finely pinnate. The second form has much larger seed most of the time but seed size can vary from 11mm to 24mm as a juvenile it retains a bifid leaf and when larger never seems to attain the fine leaf of the other form. Also the larger form sometimes has a red colouration to the new leaf.   
   Growing Climate: -Both these forms will handle quite dry and hard positions but will also grow very well in most soil types wind and salt tolerant. The only thing is they are quite slow growing but most cold tolerant palms are the same.