Name: -Dypsis sp "Laffa" {Id Code}

     Species: -Palms {Price.}
   Description: - This species in known as Species "Laffa" but there are quite a few Dypsis species called Laffa which is a common Madagascan name for palm, with this palm it seems to have a bluish tinge to a some what yellowish foliage, the petiole is yellow and new spike can be bright maroon but once the new spike opens the maroon colour vanishes, the under side of the leaf and crownshaft is as white as road paint. This species could possibly be a form of Dypsis saintelucei but is much more difficult to grow that that species...! The second photo is of a 19 year old plant so they are only a small slow growing species.   
   Growing Climate: -Likes a dry or Very well drained position out of the full sun will handle slight frosts. Temperatures from 0.C to 35.C