Name: -DYPSIS Leptocheilos {Id Code}

     Species: -Palms {Price.}
   Description: - "Teddy Bear" palm or Red Neck palm, this palm has the same statue as the banglow or Alex palm with a lot more drought tolerance once established. The crownshaft is covered in dense reddish brown velvet like hair "tomentum". "Very Striking" the foliage/leaves have a glossy appearance and the trunk is dark green which looks likes bamboo this species will grow in Sydney. This palm is best suited to a protected area out of the wind to look it's best, it has a lovely green bamboo like trunk which is at first covered in a white powder, the better protected the palm, the longer the white powder will remain giving the trunk almost a white appearance, if planted in the open in the full sun both the white powder and the green bamboo look will soon be lost, i would recommend the other species Dypsis Lastelliana for more open areas or for costal plantings !! Still a fantastic landscaping species and used correctly is a stunning palm.   
   Growing Climate: -Regular fertilizer in spring and summer and a good thick mulch -2.C to 35.C temperature.