Name: -DYPSIS Pinnatifrons {Id Code}

     Species: -Palms {Price.}

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   Description: -One very lovely palm new leaf is deep maroon and has a lovely cupped leaflet leaves to 2m to 2.5m long and can sometimes have a pinkish crownshaft clean trunk about 10 to 20cm wide to 4 to 6 m tall and self cleaning looks bests in part shade and likes a thick mulch and fertilize one a year with a slow release fertilizer will tolerate slight frost and temperatures from 0.C to 35.C.

This species is not to be mixed up the D. Nodifera which tends to be smaller but simular species D. Nodifera makes a bumpy woody trunk when exposed to good sun light and also retains old leaver for long time and leavers are only 1m long also flower spike only 1/3 size of D.Pinnnatifrons.
   Growing Climate: -Temperatures from 0.C to 35.C