Name: -LICUALA Radula Mottled leaf and flowering {Id Code}

     Species: -Palms {Price.}

   Description: -This species of Licuala has a very neat clumping habit only growing to around 2m over all height makes it easy to fit into any garden also grows very well as a potted plant. The leaves are heavily mottled will form a small trunk to 1m high and 100 mm thick young plants show mottling at a very early stage. Also for seed production you will need a few plants. As plants are male or female, female flower normally spicate, male flower spike branches to one order. This species is quite cold tolerant and can be grown in Sydney or California in USA.   
   Growing Climate: -Likes regular watering and a thick mulch or organic material around the base of the palm fertilize once a year with slow release fertilizer but will also respond to folia feeding Temperatures from 0.C to 40.C