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Utopia Palms and Cycads is please to release a seedlist of palms and cycads for this year 2000, which we will be updating over the next 12 months as seed becomes available and new Species are found by our contacts.We endeavour to update the vernacular named Species with the proper botanical name, as soon as we have accurate information. Always check the info contained in the brackets.


Some Species are in short supply owing to distances, fecundity of Species and difficulty of collection and are thereby marked as * on the seed list. Depending on demand for anyone Species, more can be ordered, however payment must be forthcoming by the way of a deposit so as to secure the consignment. We try to keep a regular supply of fresh seed and guarantee satisfaction.


Where possible our seeds are wild collected, some from type locality. All Species of palms and cycads from high altitudes are cold tolerant and are marked with ^ accordingly. There is only a few harder types of seed, we hold in stock for any period of time. Most of the seed is sent out on orders as soon as it is harvested. In this way we offer the best possible germination to the customer receiving the seed.


The seed listed should be available during 2000. However, some of the Species listed are iridic seeders and other problems such a collectors, shipping, weather and even the trees themselves can be uncooperative. Therefore sometime may pass before and order is completed

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