Name: -Dypsis carlsmithii formally known as
            Sp Stumpy 2
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     Species: -carlsmithii {Price.}

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   Description: -This species has a large orange crownshaft,and does not grow that fast in the subtropics, so try to get this species in the ground as soon as possible as they grow much faster in the ground and are well worth the wait. This species has only recently been re-discovered in habitat (click on the link above to see this species in habitat..!) This is a larger very attractive palm and would look great as an avenue planting or in the middle of a lawn, it grows best in the full sun but will grow fine in a shaded situation, this palm needs little attention once established and seems to be quite drought tolerant, it likes a well-mulched garden bed and should be planted in a prominent area to appreciate the true beauty of this species.   
   Growing Climate: -Will handle slight frost and temperature down to 2.C to 40.C. This palm likes plenty of fertilizer in the warmer months and nice rich soil,well-mulched garden beds.