Like so many of our tropical plants these days wether it's Palms, Calathea's, Gingers, Heliconia's etc, are all threatened in habitat due to deforestation, we hope to increase the appreciation of as many of these beautiful brilliantly colourful flowers as possible before some of these spectacular flowering species are lost.

All of the species we have listed have been grown on the Sunshine coast with winter temperatures down to 3C, many of these are just planted in mulch in and around our Palm garden and are not watered..! Although we receive quite consistent rain which seems to keep the mulch damp, we do not irrigate or water over 90% of our Garden.

Heliconia's, Gingers, Costus and Calatheas add that true Tropical look to any part of the garden, many also make excellent cut flowers or cut foliage to bring the garden into the home..! Most of these species listed are actually quite quick growers, if buying a Rhizome grown plant and given the right conditions you should have these flowering in around 18 months time..! Sometimes once a Heliconia is mature you can add a little potassium sulphate "pot ash" this will promote flowering, just make sure not to add any nitrogen base fertilizer as this will out weigh the potassium and promote growth.

We hope to list quite a few more species, hybrids and cultivars in the future as these become more establish in our garden. So we have many excellent variates available here for any garden with small growing species up to quite large growing species, ones with pendulous or spiralling flowers to ones with large amazing erect brilliantly coloured flowers "inflorescence" Please enjoy these amazingly easy to grow plants in your garden, and we hope you have just as much excitement for these tropical wounders called Heliconias..! 


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*****Listed at the bottom of the page future species and cultivars becoming available. More species and photographs to be listed soon. *****

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Approximate Flower Color
botanical name Copyright © 2002-2010 - All rights reserved
common name
Heliconia augusta orange christmas
Orange christmas
Heliconia laneana formerly H.augusta Red christmas
Red christmas
Heliconia citrina formerly H. augusta Yellow christmas
Yellow christmas
Heliconia champneiana cv maya blood
Maya blood
Heliconia champneiana cv maya gold
Maya Gold
Heliconia champneiana cv splash
Heliconia bihai cv -chocolate dancer
Chocolate dancer
Heliconia bihai cv claw 1
Claw 1
Heliconia bihai cv claw 2
Claw 2
Heliconia bihai cv claw 3
Claw 3
Heliconia bihai cv emerald forest
Emerald forest
Heliconia bihai cv manoa
Heliconia bihai cv mountain yellow
Mountiain yellow
Heliconia bihai cv nappi red
Nappi red
Heliconia bihai cv nappi
Heliconia bihai cv yellow dancer
Yellow dancer
Heliconia bihai x caribaea - black cherry
Black Cherry
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv Blazing saddles
Blazing saddles
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv jacquinii
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv hot rio nights
Hot rio nights
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv kawauchi
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv kamehameha
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv kawika
Heliconia bihai x cv purple throat
Purple Throat
Heliconia bihai x caribea cv richmond red
Richmond red
Heliconia bihai x caribea - utopia
Heliconia bihai x spathocircinata cv Cinnamon Twist
Cinnamon twist
Heliconia bourgaeana- hot pink
Hot pink
Heliconia caribea - barbados flat
Barbados flat
Heliconia caribea black Black
Heliconia caribea - flash
Heliocnia caribea - gold
Heliconia caribea - red
Heliconia caribea -watermelon
Heliconia chartacea  – sexy pink Sexy pink
Heliconia chartacea – sexy yellow Sexy yellow
Heliconia chartacea cv Maresa
Heliconia chartacea x H platystachys- Rob's Red Rob's Red  
Heliconia collinsiana – collinsiana Collinsiana
Heliconia episcopalis– spear
Heliconia farinosa- Rio
Heliconia griggsiana - angry moon
Angry moon
Heliconia hirsuta cv darrell
Heliconia imbricata
Heliconia imbricata
Heliconia latispatha cv Orange Gyro
Heliconia lingulata – flat fan Flat fan
Heliconia maculata
Heliconia mariae beef steak
Beef Steak
Heliconia mariae x pogonantha bushmaster
Heliconia metallica Metallica
Heliconia orthotricha – edge of nite Edge of nite
Heliconia orthotricha  - pink eden Pink eden
Heliconia orthotricha - pink imperialis Pink imperialis
Heliconia orthotricha - garden of eden Garden of eden
Heliconia orthotricha salmon Salmon  
Heliconia pendula – red penda Red penda
Heliconia pendula cv Red waxy Red waxy  
Heliconia pendula steyermarkii Steyermarkii
Heliconia pendula x h.laneana – papsiana Papsiana
Heliconia psittacorum x acuminata - tropiflora Tropiflora
Heliconia psittacorum x - halloween
Heliconia rostrata – parrots beak Parrots beak
Heliconia schiedeana Schiedeana  
Heliconia Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to heaven
Heliconia stricta – dusty rose
Dusty rose
Heliconia stricta – jamaican dwarf Jamaican dwarf
Heliconia vaginalis – little cutie Little cutie
Heliconia velloziana Velloziana  
Heliconia x Rauliniana x marginata
Gingers - Costus - Calathea
Alpinia purpurata – eileen mcdonald
Eileen mcdonald
Alpinia purpurata - red
Alpinia purpurata cv Tahitian Ginger
Tahitian Ginger
Calathea lutea – cuban cigar Cuban cigar
Calathea crotalifera cv Golden Rattle Golden flower
Costus asplundii
Costus comosus formerly barbatus tower ginger
Tower ginger
Costus guaianensis var tarmicus- budda’s belly
Budda's belly
Costus pictus - red stems
Red stems
Costus speciosus variegata cv variegated crepe ginger
Crepe ginger
Costus stenophyllus - cobra ginger Cobra ginger
Costus vargassii Costus vargassii  
Costus vilosissimus - yellow bell
Yellow bell
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora blue ginger
Blue ginger
Etlingera elatior – red torch ginger
Red torch
Etlingera elatior– pink torch ginger
Pink torck
Etlingera elatior – white torch ginger
White torch
Tapeinochilos ananassae– backscratcher ginger
Zingiber collinsiana - collinsiana
Zingiber macradenia – chocolate bee hive ginger
Zingiber neglectum
Zingiber ottensii
Zingiber spectabile – bee hive ginger
Bee hive ginger
Zingiber spectabile - giant yellow
Giant yellow
Zingiber spectabile cv Champagne
Zingiber spectabile – dwarf orange
Dwarf orange
Zingiber spectabile - giant orange
Giant Orange
Zingiber peninsulare – red thai ginger
Red thai ginger
Zingiber zerumbet– shampoo ginger
Shampoo ginger
Zingiber zerumbet - pine cone ginger
Pine cone ginger
Zingiber zerumbet var darcyi variegated  

Listed below are the future species and cultivars becoming available. More photos and species to be listed soon.

These are seasonally available plants from approx late November. If you are interested in these varieties be aware that over summer most varieties are available but at other times of the year there may be limited varieties and number. Please check availablity. Best to order these around August/September for the up coming season. We do have more select species on application.


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Listed below are the future species and cultivars becoming available. More photos and species to be listed soon.

Heliconia aemygdiana ssp aemgydiana
Heliconia laxa
Heliconia Orthotricha "Pura Flama".
Heliconia Caribaea x Bihai 3 in 1 Prince of Brightness..
Heliconia Caribaea x Bihai 3 in 1 Prince of Brightness..
Heliconia Caribaea x Bihai 3 in 1 Prince of Brightness..
Heliconia Champneiana Greenish Gold
Heliconia Caribaea x Bihai Dark Cherry Red.
Heliconia Bihai cv Halloween
Heliconia bihai cv Chocolate Claw
Heliconia danielsiana
Heliconia caribea x H. bihai Criswick
Heliconia Bihai Peachy Pink

Heliconia bourgeana x H. bihai claw 2 cv. all Orange " John Marshall"

Heliconia Caribaea x Bihai Prince of Darkness
Heliconia Colgantea
Heliconia Griggsiana Blue Moon
Heliconia Griggsiana Blue Moon.2
Heliconia Mutisiana
Heliconia Richardiana
Heliconia Rostrata Orange
Heliconia sarapiquensis X H. imbricata cv "Scarlet widow"
Heliconia vellerigera
Heliconia Riopalenquensis

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